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Anonymous asked:

A lot of people got drunk in Korean series that I watched. Hahaha. Why do Koreans like to drink so much? Are they going to find me rude if I don't drink when going to parties?

Drinking is one of the largest part of Korean lifestyle. From ancient days, Koreans liked to drink, sing, dance, laugh, etc etc lol But as times changed, Korea became one of the hardest working countries in the world. The hours spent on labour was simply mouth-opening. People got tired and became unhappy. Soju is a Korean spirit that is high in alcohol but also very cheap. It quickly became the national drink. Men would often drink themselves to sleep or drink to forget their hard life for a while.

That’s how the drinking stuff all started - you MIGHT find yourself a little left out if you refuse to drink at all but it all depends on your seniors. Being forced to drink is changing, slowly but surely. Just one beginning shot of soju would be nice, though. It shows you care and reflects you as a somewhat considerate(?) person. If you know what I mean. lol

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